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5 Tips for Packing | Student Blog from Florence
Before coming to Florence, I was looking up what I should bring by looking at people’s Instagram posts and seeing what outfits looked good. This was definitely not the way to do it. Here are 5 tips fo... Continue Reading
4 Ways to Get Over Post Study Abroad Blues | Student Blog from Scotland
Coming back home from Scotland, I experienced my after study abroad high. The “crash feeling” is the worst.
CIS Abroad Honored with 2019 Employer of Choice Award
NORTHAMPTON, MA – CIS Abroad has been selected as the 2019 Employer of Choice by the Employers Association of the NorthEast (EANE). Entrants are judged in areas that include company culture, training ... Continue Reading
Balancing School and Life in Korea | Student Blog from Seoul
One of the toughest things for me living in South Korea was attempting to balance my academics with my social life. When entering such an unfamiliar space, everything is enticing – the people, the cul... Continue Reading
Budgeting on the Gold Coast | Student blog from Australia
For those of you pondering the Semester on the Gold Coast program: welcome! To those of you who have been accepted into the program: CONGRATS! Wherever you sit on this timeline, it doesn’t hurt to tak... Continue Reading
Volunteering with Spanish Children | Student Blog from Barcelona
A unique experience abroad My Carnival celebration this year was a little different than that of my peers on CIS Abroad in Barcelona programs. No one else in my program got tackled to the ground in hu... Continue Reading
3 Tips for Being Black in South Korea | Student Blog from Seoul
I definitely doubted my choice at the beginning My family and friends scrutinized my decision to study abroad in South Korea. While outwardly I stood by my decision, I would be remiss if I didn’t admi... Continue Reading
Eating in Thailand as a Vegetarian | Student Blog from Thailand
At first, Thai Food was not what I expected It wasn’t long after I arrived in Bangkok that I realized most Thai dishes have some kind of meat in them. I didn’t expect that most dishes here have meat, ... Continue Reading
5 Tips for Studying Abroad in Thailand | Student blog from Thailand
Here are my 5 tips for studying abroad in Thailand: 1. Download apps to make life easier Here in Thailand, I recommend the Grab app the most! It is just like Uber and will make your life so simple. Th... Continue Reading