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Why Studying Abroad Doesn't Mean Cancelling Thanksgiving
4 Tips to Make the Most of Studying Abroad in Italy | Student Blog from Florence
I know it can be scary not knowing what to expect when you go abroad. But after enjoying my study abroad trip so much, I thought I could offer some advice to students studying with CIS Abroad specific... Continue Reading
What You Need to Know About Food in London | Intern Blog from London
One may not think that the food in London is very different from the food in the US. But during my time here, I realized that although the food in the US and in the UK are similar, there are a few int... Continue Reading
NEW! Community-Based Service Learning and Research Abroad
Take what you've studied in class and connect it to meaningful, real-life experiences - while preparing yourself for your future. Under Experiential Learning, CIS Abroad offers traditional, work-based... Continue Reading
Experiential Learning: CIS Abroad Offers Community-Based & Research Abroad
As a study abroad professional, you may agree that students learn best from experience. Under the general category of Experiential Learning, CIS Abroad offers traditional, work-based internships as we... Continue Reading
A Lesson in Australian English | Student Blog from Gold Coast
I went on CIS Abroad’s Semester on the Gold Coast program in Spring 2019. I assumed that since Australians spoke English (the only language I speak), the Australian culture would be pretty similar to ... Continue Reading
5 Tips on Climbing Kyoto’s Tallest Mountain | Student Blog from Japan
“Remember, no matter how strong or fast you think you are, the Japanese grandmas will always be stronger.” Mount Atago Mount Atago, the tallest mountain of Kyoto, sits in the quiet town called Kiyotak... Continue Reading
5 Tips for Packing | Student Blog from Florence
Before coming to Florence, I was looking up what I should bring by looking at people’s Instagram posts and seeing what outfits looked good. This was definitely not the way to do it. Here are 5 tips fo... Continue Reading
4 Ways to Get Over Post Study Abroad Blues | Student Blog from Scotland
Coming back home from Scotland, I experienced my after study abroad high. The “crash feeling” is the worst.