Why Fall Study Abroad is the Best Kept Secret

You’ve probably always heard that the Spring semester is THE time to study abroad. We get it- studying in the spring allows you to have a full semester on campus and to start your school year off in a familiar place. And you might not even know that studying during the fall semester is possible. If Spring semester study abroad is right for you and your academic planning, then we can help make that happen. However, we want to provide you with a few top reasons why we think studying abroad in the fall so special.

Top Reasons to Study Abroad during the Fall Semester

The weather

In many of our destinations the weather is optimal during the Fall semester. September and October are arguably the best time of year to be in places like Spain, Italy, Scotland, Ireland and England. Coming off of the hottest month (August), the sun is shining, the weather is warm (but not too hot). You'll get all of the benefits of the summer-like weather without the tourists. The warm weather gradually gets colder as the semester progresses (vs the Spring semester that starts in the coldest months of the year). The fall is the absolute PERFECT temperature in Thailand. It's just after the rainy season and temperatures are comfortable and the skies are blue.

Access to courses. 

With fewer students on campus, the likelihood of getting the courses you want is much higher, all while having more individualized attention and support. 

Experience the holiday season abroad (but get home in time to celebrate)

You can have the unique experience of watching your host city turn festive. Enjoy city lights, festive store-fronts and holiday markets while learning about local traditions and customs. Bringing home local gifts is an added bonus!

✨Start the school year with the rest of campus

Arriving during the first term of the year means that often thousands of new students are also arriving on campus! There's such a buzz with the excitement of a new year and often welcome activities, clubs, societies and sports tryouts.

Time to prepare 

You'll have all summer to prepare to go abroad! You can even plan to go early and do some independent travel before the program starts.

You won’t Miss Saying Goodbye to Friends Who are Seniors

Ending the year on your home campus means that you get to be part of all of the graduations and traditions (and summer internship searches), especially as your Senior friends are saying goodbye. If you're a senior, studying abroad during the Fall means that you can come back with plenty of time to wrap up your degree! 

Fewer tourists (for both fall and spring semester)

Studying during any semester (vs the summer) means fewer tourists. You’ll live like a local,  not a visitor. This means no lines for cafes, museums, historic sites and you have more space to explore with less crowded pavements. 

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There is no right or wrong time to study abroad! No matter when you decide to do it- Summer, Fall or Spring, you're sure to have the experience of a lifetime.


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