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Maymester at CIS Abroad

CIS Abroad offers a Maymester program for you! Check out our Summer in Florence, Session 1/Maymester option for the perfect way to go abroad before the summer even starts.


What is Maymester? As many spring semesters wrap up by early May, there is often a 2-3 week break before summer courses, jobs and internships begin. The Maymester program allows you to study abroad and be home for the summer. It’s a win-win! 

Here are the top reasons to consider spending May in Florence with CIS Abroad.

  1. Perfect for new travelers- dip your toes into international travel with a short-term program
  2. Take advantage of beautiful weather and the city before the summer heat and crowds arrive
  3. Did you miss out on a faculty-led study abroad program? This is a great alternative!
  4. Earn 3 credits in less than one month
  5. Plenty of time for that summer course, internship or job when you return OR
  6. Stay after and travel through Italy and Europe during your summer vacation

CIS Abroad offers the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Maymester. Spend 3 weeks in Florence Italy from May 14 - June 2. Learn more here!