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Q&A Spotlight With New Employee - Frankie!

Meet Frankie, our Site Director in Sorrento, Italy!

Why are you excited to work for CIS Abroad?

I am super excited to be working for CIS Abroad because I can share my passion for travel and education with the students and really contribute to making their time abroad a meaningful and unforgettable experience!

Describe a memorable moment from abroad

One of the most memorable moments abroad I can remember is my solo backpacking trip through India. I spent 2 intense months exploring different regions of the country! I survived a monsoon, rode camels through the desert along the Pakistani border, trekked through the Himalayas, and learned so much about myself along the journey.

What has your career path looked like? How did you end up in the field of International Education?

After finishing up my college degree stateside, I took a job in Madrid as an English language assistant in a public elementary school. Afterward, I moved to Palma de Mallorca where I worked as an ESL classroom teacher and helped organize and lead international exchange trips for students to several European countries.  During my time in Mallorca, I networked with European colleagues and helped promote international education at the elementary school level so that students could experience life outside of their comfort zones at an early age and be exposed to different cultures in order to become more globally-engaged citizens.

A typical weekend for me is…

Going on a hike in the mountains near Sorrento and exploring the Amalfi Coast, having a pizza with friends, or spending a day in Napoli.  I love visiting the amazing museums, shopping in the antique stores, or checking out the new art galleries in the historical center!

5 words that describe yourself

Friendly, ambitious, empathetic, curious, and eventful

Travel Tip: 

Do not be afraid to interact with the locals and ask questions while at a cafe or in a shop. Oftentimes, they can lead you to the hidden gems you would never be able to find without their help.