Top programs in Communications

CIS Abroad has a wide selection of programs for Communications majors/minors, ranging across our most popular regions. Many of our partner universities specialize in subject areas that fall within a typical Communications curriculum, and have full course-loads for semester and summer students, as well as many opportunities for internships.

Top semester programs for Communications

For semester study abroad programs that cater to Communications students, we highly recommend the following programs:

Located in the heart of London and with an outstanding academic reputation, the University Westminster is a fantastic place for students to spend a semester-- especially communications students. Westminster is ranked in the top 40 institutions in the world for Media and Communications Studies. Need we say more?

Located on 345 acres of natural Australian bushland, the University of Newcastle is a lovely place to spend the semester earning credits towards your Communications studies! The university offers several courses in communications, including Media Storytelling, Screen production, Podcasting and Radio, and more. Students can easily get involved in the wide range of student clubs and organizations, including Toastmasters club and Film club!

Mahidol University is ranked as one of the top universities in Thailand, and offers students a rich environment for cultural exploration and high academic standards. The courses in Communications that this program offers are most specifically geared towards Communications & Media Studies, Digital Media & Design, and Marketing.

Although a fairly young institution, University of Limerick has already become known as a top university in Ireland. This option is unique in that it is one of the more affordable semester programs, as well as our only semester abroad program that offers courses in Linguistics, along with other subjects such as Digital Media & Design, and Journalism.

Florence University of the Arts is beloved by international students from all over, and is dedicated to experiential and hands-on learning. Students have the benefit of smaller class sizes, in which the rich history of the city is often used as part of core curriculum. FUA is a great option for Communications majors interested in Media Studies, Digital Media & Design, Marketing, and Photography.

Semester in Stirling - University of Stirling

The University of Stirling is love at first sight for Communications students. Recently ranked 1st in Scotland and the United Kingdom for best campus environment, this university is set on a huge Scottish estate, complete with a quaint lake and an 18th-century castle. With a focus on innovation, creativity, and exploration, the University of Scotland is ranked number two in Scotland for Communications and Media studies. It’s also ranked third in Scotland for Media and Film. With these impressive accolades, communications students are sure to have a top-notch experience!

Semester in London - University of Roehampton

Tucked away in a lush neighborhood in southwest London, The University of Roehampton is perfect for communications students who want a taste of the big city without jumping in head-first. This cozy campus offers students a wide range of communications courses, exploring topics like Visual Journalism, Intercultural Communication, Professional Screenwriting, and more. With students from over 80 countries and dozens of campus activities, you’re sure to find a place at Roehampton that feels like home.

Top summer programs for Communications

There are several programs for students to choose from that offer a selection of Communication courses that cater to the majors or minors. Students also have the option of exploring fun electives and courses that fulfill general requirements. Below are a couple of our top summer programs that have a broad course selection, including a handful of classes offered within Communications subjects:

To look a little closer at any of these courses or particular programs, you can visit the individual pages on our website for each program that you are interested in. There you can scroll down to Academics, look under “Choose your courses”, and find information on course offerings and availability. For intern programs, sample placements can be found on each program page as well.


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