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Top 10 Reasons to Intern Abroad

Every year, more than 25,000 U.S. students intern abroad.

Why should you join them? Because nothing beats real-world experience! Not to mention these Top 10 Reasons to Intern Abroad…

1. Impress employers with a resume filled with real-world experience.
Firstly, not only will you stand apart from other job-seekers on paper, you’ll also be memorable in an interview. Make sure to explain through storytelling how your internship abroad prepared you for challenging work situations.

2. Build a lasting network of international colleagues and friends.
Interning abroad for a semester or summer is a great start to an international professional network. Plus, who doesn’t love having friends across the globe?

3. Stack up academic credits, all while saving money.
It’s true – for many programs, selecting an intern abroad option for credit can often COST LESS than the semester sticker price for the same location! Living abroad, stacking up work experience, AND earning credits at the same time? Mind blown. (Check out for more information. Our partner, Plymouth State University, offers credits in most majors.)

Lauren Kelly, a Marketing Major at USC Columbia, participated in CISabroad’s Intern in Barcelona program in Summer 2016.

4. Try your career before you dive into it.
Choosing to intern abroad in your field of interest allows you to really see what the day-to-day is like for the career you have in mind. And who knows? You might find the (different) career of your dreams while abroad! Many students tell us that living abroad helped them sort out what they truly wanted to do with their lives.

5. Leap outside your comfort zone.
It may sound cliché, but this is another time-tested truth bomb! Pushing yourself to experience new cultures, different ways of living, and environments different from what you’re used to is a positive way to break out of your (too?) comfortable routine.

6. Boost your professional chops in the workplace.
You’ll start that first job after college leaps and bounds ahead of your peers – already having navigated the ins and outs of the professional workplace setting.

Intern in New Zealand - Summer 2016

Ali Mowers, a Communications Major at Shippensburg University, completed CISabroad’s Intern in New Zealand program during Summer 2016.

7. Learn a new language – including workplace lingo.
Challenging yourself to intern abroad offers something you’ll don’t often get in the U.S. – an opportunity to learn and practice a foreign language. But don’t worry! Most of our internship placements are in English-speaking workplaces, so you’ll have a lot of opportunities to learn from your new colleagues.

8. Get the real scoop from locals on the best places to visit.
Not only do you get to live abroad while you intern, but with CISabroad, you’ll also live like a local. Our well-loved site directors make sure to show you where the locals shop, eat, and play. By the time you come home, you’ll be the one giving recommendations!

9. Become a more confident, self-aware, and independent YOU.
Returning students tell us some of the most lasting effects of their intern abroad experience are in the realm of self-growth. From the surge of confidence that comes from independence to the reflection that meeting people from all over the globe spurs, one thing’s for sure – you won’t be the same.

Intern in Argentina - Summer 2017

Colin Murphy, a Telecommunications Major at Youngstown State University, spent Summer 2017 in CISabroad’s Intern in Argentina program.

10. Lastly – make unforgettable memories and have the time of your life!
Forget the hundreds of photos you’ll take, the blog you’ll try to remember to update, the mementos you tuck away for home. After interning abroad, you will have the endless gift of closing your eyes and being transported. Back to a place that taught you about yourself in ways you never thought possible, helped you become a more engaged global citizen, and opened many professional doors!

Did any of these 10 reasons inspire you to intern abroad? Our helpful CISabroad advisors are ready when you are to talk more about your goals and how an internship abroad can prepare you for them. Reach them by chat or email anytime.

Ready to learn more about CISabroad’s internships, including example placements and our application process? Check out our Internships Abroad digital resource or browse programs at

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Make Your Final Year of College Count – Land Your Dream Job


Elayna Hebert – Sr. Manager of Human Relations at CISabroad – has committed over 4 years to make our staff happy and healthy. When you apply for a job at CISabroad you’ll want to know what we as International Educators are looking for on your resume. Here is the first of a few blog posts dedicated to those with WANDERLUST who are wanting to get into the field of International Education.

You’ve got one year left of college, what’s next? Maybe you feel like you haven’t accomplished enough to put any skills on your resume. What will it take to land your dream job?  You may even be thinking, what IS my dream job? You’re lost, but at CISabroad our answer is that being lost in another country is where you will find your passion for career and build up your self esteem, and all it takes is a few months in another country. So what’s the answer? How can you do it? The answer is that YOU will be the one to make it happen.


With all the work you’ve done in the last few years, the late nights, the cramming, the projects, the exams, you are building a foundation for your career.  While every employer is different, each one is looking for some set of criteria to determine if you’d be the right fit for their organization. So you went to a top notch university? Super! But that alone will not land you your dream job. Take a look at your resume and start thinking about what you want it to say about you. It’s really a reflection of  your career, your education, your experience and your personality, all wrapped up into one neat little package.

A great way to enhance your resume, by building in real-world skills and experience, is to study or intern abroad.  Not only do you have an amazing life experience, but you also add to your resume another aspect that shows your diversity. Sometimes when an employer is reviewing lots of resumes, it can come down to just one thing that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

study abroad jobs Rome night

One of the best ways to get your foot in the door with a desirable company is to show you can walk the walk. How do you do that? Start with an internship. Not only do you get to make a difference in the organization and see how your degree fits in with that real-life organization, but you are also showing your future employer that you know how to work in a similar organization. This is so valuable to a future potential employer because it proves you have the ability to succeed!

Make the smart decision to amp up your resume; choose to experience the world with a study or internship abroad.  Not only will it change your resume and your career, it will change your life!

CISabroad Australia Orientation

CISabroad London Site Director Spotlight: Interview with Regina Tingle

CISabroad England  On-Site Director

CISabroad England
On-Site Director

We’re so excited to have you as the CISabroad London Site Director, you have passion, good ideas, your fun, team player, helpful and you’re everything CISabroad values! You’ve been with CISabroad for years, but tell us about your journey and how you became the site director.

Why thank you! I’m very excited to be the new CISabroad London Site Director. It’s a privilege to work with such an innovative, creative and fun company. And having like-minded co-workers who are passionate about studying and traveling abroad is always a plus.

I first started working for CISabroad as an On-Site Program Coordinator, leading two outbound programs in Australia for five weeks. That was over two years ago and while OPCing is a full, full, full-time gig, it’s also a lot of fun and one of the best ways to see a country. After that I contracted for CISabroad on and off designing numerous faculty-led itineraries before eventually become Program Coordinator for London-bound Faculty-led Programs. Prior to that, I led a few more outbound programs to London and Paris and interestingly enough led an in-bound program for a group of thirty Vietnamese diplomats from theMinistry of Foreign Affairs. It was a two week professional development tour which took place in Philadelphia and NYC and for many of the diplomats, their first time in the U.S. It was quite the experience, leading the group around to various prestigious institutions working side by side with two translators. I think the most memorable part of the trip was when we all visited Ground Zero and the most senior diplomat had a beautiful thing to say about the U.S. and Vietnam’s past and how there’s always hope for the future and for healing.

Start of the Fall semester at Roehampton, how is it going?
The semester is off to a great start for both Roehampton students and Westminster students who just arrived over the weekend. Today they are busy with their orientation and beginning registration! Both groups are a stellar bunch!

Southern Alabama Students this Summer on the green campus of Roehampton University

Southern Alabama students this summer on the campus green at Roehampton University – London, England

What do you do when you’re not with our students?
When I’m not with students you can find me on my yoga mat, on a long walk down the Thames path or writing. I also try and travel as much as possible. This summer my sister came to visit and the two of us went on a quick long-weekend to Malta which equated to some much-needed sunshine for me!

What do you love about living in London?
Life in London is fast-paced and high-energy. There are loads of things to see and do and while oftentimes students come over with their hearts set on a specific bucket list, they get enmeshed in the culture and caught up with all the offerings of the universities and our social program calendar that they realize their interests might change and shift as they really dive into the day to day. I encourage students to get involved with the university because is a great way to meet people and do non-touristy things and really get a great glimpse of what life is really like, not as an outsider but as a local. Students are given every opportunity to to so and those who take advantage are rewarded exponentially and often even make life-long friends.

Friends taking a picture together in the London Eye at sunset.

Friends taking a picture together in the London Eye at sunset.


Tips for acquiring a job in the field of international education?
Be willing to follow your instincts. It can be difficult to make a choice to go abroad — to study, to volunteer, to intern — for whatever reason, especially while your friends are getting what society calls a “real” job. The world of study abroad might not look or sound like a “real” job to the rest of the world because it might be seen as exotic or fun but the truth is, travel is not for wimps. A career in study abroad has been rewarding and given me a wealth of experience, more than a career in an ad agency (what I thought I wanted) would have ever afforded me. Don’t listen to the naysayers, stick with your goals and go with your gut — a job in the field of international higher education is just as much a real job as any other job, except that you have many more an opportunity to get away from your desk and literally out into the world. Mostly, I’d say, be willing to do the work. You start as a student abroad and that’s the most important experience moving into your career in study abroad; being able to relate to students from a personal standpoint. Nab every other opportunity that comes your way, paid or unpaid. You’ll most likely live a nontraditional life out of a suitcase for a very long time but if you’re okay with that, then have no fear — you’ll go far, literally and figuratively!

Learn more about our semester and summer programs in England and visit


Student Spotlight: Intern in New Zealand


Meet Alex F from East Stroudsburg University currently on the program, Intern in New Zealand working in the film industry. We recently caught up with her to check-in about her internship goals and to see how things were going. 


“Interning abroad has been teaching me a lot about responsibility and decision making. From deciding on which deals are the best at the grocery store to how to design a new project assigned, I am learning more about both myself and the world around me.

I am constantly setting goals for myself, both little and small. Some are as simple as making sure I don’t impulsively buy things while others are more career oriented, such as challenging myself to triple check projects to make sure my work is excellent. It is very important to view assignments from different angles and viewpoints so that is something that I am really enjoying being able to put into practice. Living in another country is a great way to discover who you really are and that has been a very exciting and new discovery.

Each day has its own new goals and challenges and I plan to achieve them by being wise and humble. There is so much that I don’t know and can’t wait to learn.”


New Zealand

“The thing to do, it seems to me, is to prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud. Somebody who may not look like you. May not call God the same name you call God – if they call God at all. I may not dance your dances or speak your language. But be a blessing to somebody. That’s what I think.” Maya Angelou


New Zealand Coast

Scorching Bay – Wellington, New Zealand

You can follow Alex this semester, check out her blog,


My Internship With CISabroad

My name is Daniel Eyzaguirre and I am a Senior majoring in International Business at Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts. This past Spring semester I did a marketing internship here at CISabroad. This internship truly helped me become a more well rounded human being and improved my marketing skills drastically. Throughout my time with CISabroad, I worked on  competitive analysis & market research, authored blog articles, did social media auditing (focusing on Youtube), updated content, and assisted the marketing manager to create and implement new program campaigns.

Picture of Daniel for Blog

To be completely honest, on my way to the office for my first day at this internship with CISabroad, I was a bit skeptical that I wasn’t going to be a good fit because I didn’t have marketing experience. But from the moment I started interning here, I had Karen Carswell the Senior Marketing Coordinator, also known as my site supervisor guide me through each day. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better mentor throughout this marketing internship experience. I learned practically everything I know about marketing because of Karen and because of CISabroad.

From my first day until the end of my internship here, I was surrounded by warm and welcoming people from the office. The environment around the office was always bright and energetic, something I wasn’t expecting but something I adapted to easily and looked forward to every time I had to go into the office for this internship. Something else that I enjoyed during my time with CISabroad is that there was always work to do, a new project/task to work on everyday. Every morning I would head to my desk, prepare my things and then head straight to my site supervisor and help her come up with tasks for me to work on for that specific day because I knew the next day that I would come back I would have to repeat this because there was always something new to work on and I loved it. I was always excited on my way to my internship because I knew I would be working on a new project everyday! I enjoyed interviewing current students and Alumni Ambassadors. This almost made me feel like as if I was studying abroad right there with them!

I couldn’t have asked for a better learning and professional experience interning at CISabroad. I’ve learned new marketing tools, concepts, and ideas that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend any person or student interested interning at CISabroad or just simply looking for a new challenge in their business career. This company is constantly growing, getting better at what they do everyday and for this, I thank you CISabroad for having me being apart of this great team.

My Internship Experience – CISabroad


My name is Lauren Connelly and I am one of the marketing interns here at CISabroad, and you may of seen me around this blog quite a bit recently. Today marks my last day at CISabroad, and my last few days in the country before I return home to Australia! This internship is a component of my degree back home, and I could not have hoped for a better placement to give me experience for when I graduate.

Since starting at the start of January I have contributed to the Alumni Ambassador program, as well as created, edited and published social media, advertising and blogging content. I remember walking in on my first day terrified that I was going to be asked to create some graphic design masterpiece or another huge task that I didn’t feel equipped for. While I’ve learnt a lot in my two years at college, I’d never done anything that wasn’t for personal use or for a Uni assignment. However I shouldn’t of been worried. As I came to realize, the skills I had learnt at University were perfectly translatable into the real world, and I achieved more than I would of thought. It’s scary to think you might not be good enough but if you have faith in what you’ve learnt and take challenges head on you CAN achieve what you put your mind to.

I was definitely challenged, but I’m immensely proud of what I have produced while I’ve been here. I’ve been working in offices since I was 15, and never been put in charge of anything more difficult than filing or data entry. I was amazed to work at an office and be interested in my own work, be able to come up with my own ideas and contributions and complete work I was proud to show others. It was such a novelty! I kept saying to people “It’s amazing to translate what I have been sitting in a classroom and learning about for two years, into work that actually matters and contributes to something.” I guess sitting in a classroom makes the content seem so abstract, particularly for a media student.

While my degree focuses primarily on the production and creation of film and radio, we do also study other aspects of media such as advertising and marketing. But this internship has really expanded my horizons in terms of what media careers I can pursue and for that I am extremely grateful. I’ve never been a fan of ‘putting myself in a box’. Working in a professional environment has taught me a lot about my own abilities, as well as working with others to produce content that meets a brief. The people I have worked with have been amazing and I am so thankful for this opportunity, I would definitely recommend applying for an internship here if you’re studying Media, Marketing or Advertising.

Alumni Spotlight: Study Internship in London

Meet Niki!

Meet Niki K, a student at the University of Delaware. She is majoring in English with a concentration in Film. She recently spent the Fall semester at the University of Westminster on the CISabroad Study Internship in London program.  We recently caught up with her and asked her a few questions about her program and future goals now that she’s back finishing up her junior year. 

Why do you want to encourage students to study abroad?
I think everyone should take some time, whether it be for a few weeks or a year, and spend it in another country because it’s a once in a lifetime experience. You’re never going to have the chance to live in a foreign country for an extended period of time and travel the world with little to no care in the world. Hearing about all the different cultures is one thing, but you don’t get a true understanding of them until you see them for yourself.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I see myself working in the sports industry doing social media marketing, hopefully somewhere abroad. London had such a huge impact on my life from the three and a half months I lived there that I now really want to live and work there in the future. It is such an amazing city filled with some of the best people in the world so that’s why I want to return in the future!


What was your most transferrable skill into your career that you gained from studying abroad?
I would say the most transferrable skill I gained from studying abroad that relates to my career is adaptability. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when living in a foreign city for a few months but there is so reason to get stressed or flustered. Being able to adapt to changes quickly is super important in the communications and marketing fields because things can change in a blink of an eye and you can’t freak out. Whether it be travel plans or marketing plans, being adaptable is one of the most important skills you can learn.


What was your favorite aspect of studying abroad?
View from the London Eye!

View from the London Eye!

My favorite part was deciding not to go through my University. The University of Delaware has a fantastic study abroad department but choosing CISabroad was definitely the best decision for me because it allowed me to really feel like a local. I was able to fully immerse myself in the culture by being a full blown University of Westminster student and it was a big test because I’ve never been somewhere that long before alone. I would 100% recommend going abroad alone because you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want and I personally think it’s easier to meet more locals because you’re more aware of what’s going on. If I could do this whole thing over again, I would do it exactly the same!


Why London, and was there one moment or activity you did that stands out most to you?
I chose London because it has always been somewhere I’ve wanted to go and if I was going to live somewhere for an extended period of time I wanted to be able to speak the language. There are so many things to do and places to explore in London it’s hard to pick just one, but one thing I miss most about London, especially around the holidays, is the Winter Wonderland that is located in Hyde Park! Because there is no Thanksgiving in the UK, the Brits go straight from Halloween to Christmas and they go big. Winter Wonderland, something that can be found in other locations throughout the UK (I went to the ones in London, Edinburgh and Wales!), is a big beautiful Christmas festival that has amusement rides, some of the best holiday foods, and a giant marketplace where you can do holiday shopping. It runs for a little over a month and I feel like I spent the entire month of December there. It’s something that doesn’t exist in the States and being there with my friends was one of the highlights because it instantaneously puts a smile on your face because it really feels like you’re walking around in a Winer Wonderland!
Niki is now interning at The College Tourist, and is part of a campaign that the White House initiated called #StudyAbroadBecause. The campaign focuses on the highlights and spreading awareness of studying abroad, because only 10% of US students take the opportunity to do so! To get involved, head to the following link and add yourself to the mosaic:
To connect with Niki or other alumni about exchange or program opportunities click here
We wish Niki all the best with her future studies and career!

Why You Should Make Studying in Melbourne, Australia a Priority




G’day! My name is Lauren Connelly and I am the newest student marketing intern at CISabroad. “I come from a land down under! …” No but all cheesy 80’s songs aside, I am originally from Australia (Melbourne) and I have been in the US on a study abroad program at University of North Carolina Greensboro, and I am here at CISabroad for a few weeks before I go back home.

I have been really enjoying my time here in the United States, and have many new experiences under my belt, including but not limited to trying to not fall on the ice on my way to work, and taking numerous photos of the snow which is my main fascination at the moment. Can you tell we Aussies don’t see snow very often?

After a recent conversation I had with an American, where I was asked such questions as ‘Where did you learn your English? Its really good!’ and ‘Do you have to wear masks to protect yourself from the giant spiders?’ I realized that maybe Australia isn’t as well known as I thought. I also know that for a lot of people when Australia is mentioned, places like Sydney or the Gold Coast come to mind. And while these are great destinations, I am here to (in)formally put Melbourne on the map! For anyone planning to travel or study in Australia in the near future, make sure you put Melbourne in your top list of places to visit. It’s an amazing place, and while you’re there make sure you tick off some of the following items on the Melbourne Bucket List, created by yours truly.
Safe Travels! ~Lauren

melbourne at night

Melbourne City by night

Study abroad in Melbourne, Australia Bucket List

Outer city Melbourne

Outer city Melbourne

Inner city Melbourne

Inner city Melbourne

1. Study in the Melbourne public library in the city – and depending on season join the masses of Melbournians that eat lunch on the lawn out front

2. Depending on season, check out free events in Federation Square, from live music to exhibitions and activities

3. Walk along the Yarra River for scenery and culture, great restaurants and shops at SouthBank nearby


Southbank at night

Southbank at night

4. Shop in Bourke Street Mall, followed by The Emporium and Melbourne Central all within 5 minutes of each other

5. Walk down the amazing graffiti filled laneways off Bourke Street

Graffitied laneways are famous in Melbourne

Graffitied laneways are famous in Melbourne

6. Have a coffee in Degraves Street

7. See an Australian Football game at the iconic MCG

8. Visit the Queen Victoria Market for fresh and local produce as well as locally made clothes, crafts and gifts. Pick up a good selection of your favourite foods and head to:

9. Royal Botanic Gardens for a picnic. Here you can stop by the Shrine, honoring our troops, The Melbourne Observatory for stargazing, and in the summer you can watch outdoor cinema at Moonlight Cinema, or performances of Wind in the Willows and select Shakespeare works.

10. See a show, whether that be a production by local Melbourne Theatre Company or a world premiere show in the heart of the city

11. Take a tram to St Kilda, and spend the day at the beach, visiting Luna Park or immersing yourself in St Kilda’s rich culture

Beach Boxes at St Kilda Beach

Beach Boxes at St Kilda Beach

12. Alternatively take a short train trip to Brighton for a beach experience free of crowds

13. Take advantage of Melbourne’s extremely popular café/breakfast culture by choosing a café in suburbs such as Fitzroy, Richmond, Brunswick and Carlton, famous for their unique café style and menus. (Check out new addition Cat Cafe! A cafe with cats!) While here, be on the lookout for popular food trucks that often set up camp for lunch and dinner

14. Explore Brunswick Street for unique boutiques, restaurants and nightlife

15. Go to one of many outdoor cinema locations to catch current movies or cult classics

16. Take a Beyonce dance class, dedicated to learning Beyonce’s routines and performances

17. Eat yum cha in Melbourne’s China Town

18. Make sure you check out on of Melbourne’s famed rooftop bars, most can be discovered on main streets of the center of the city

Rooftop Bar in Melbourne

Rooftop Bar in Melbourne


My Internship at CISabroad

  10600507_10152661618869345_7847299007612365583_n My name is Thomas Cowin and I am a Senior International Business and Marketing major at Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts. This semester I have worked as a marketing intern at CISabroad. This internship has been built into my fifteen-credit semester and has offered me a new outlook on the world of marketing. Since starting CISabroad in August, I have co-directed the Alumni Ambassador program as well as created, edited, and published social media, advertising and blogging content. Upon arriving at my first day at CISabroad, after hopelessly driving around the center of Northampton searching for the right place to park, I was greeted by a sign outside the office’s front door that read “CISabroad Welcomes Thomas Cowin, Marketing Intern from Western New England University”. My first impression of the company took me by surprise and did not exactly line up with what I expected. I had initially pictured myself as the youngest person in the office by ten to fifteen years and being solely responsible for entering data into Microsoft Excel files though out my internship. However it was not long at all before I learned that this was not to be the case. Instead, I have been thrown into a proactive, new-day-new-project working environment in which every single trip to the office presents a new task and learning experience. I was most surprised at how young and active the company atmosphere seemed. During my internship at CISabroad I have been exposed to many new marketing ideas, programs, and philosophies. This professional environment has given me the opportunity to contribute my own creative influences and has offered me many valuable lessons in the world of marketing. I am most thankful for the lessons and experiences I have been given at CISabroad and would recommend this company for an internship experience for anybody studying International Business, Advertising, or Marketing.

CISabroad Alumni T-Shirt Design Winner

Porchia Bradford is a senior at Hampton University and a 2014 CISabroad summer intern in South Africa.

Read more about her travels, photographs, and international internship on her blog, Porchia Presents. Porchia is a CISabroad Alumn Ambassador and is happy to answer any questions you may have about her experience. Contact her directly at porchia.jb (at)

 Why choose an internship in South Africa?

Porchia Bradford
I’ve always wanted to visit the African continent to experience its rich culture. I casually spoke with the CISabroad representative at my university and he mentioned that you all had a program in South Africa. I did my research and I was sold! I worked at Positive Dialogue Communications, a public relations firm just outside of the city center. My eight week stay went by super fast.. so I guess that’s an indication of a great time! What inspired your design? Being in South Africa made me hungry for more. As I researched new destinations, I realized that we often limit ourselves because of factors that are workable. I wanted the shirt to be a reminder to everyone that this world is here for us! So if we want to wander from continent to continent, DO IT, because the world is ours!

CIS Front

“The World is Mine!” (front image for t-shirt). Designed by Summer Intern in South Africa student,  Porchia Bradford.

CIS Back

Wanderer (Back image for t-shirt). Designed by Summer Intern in South Africa student, Porchia Bradford.

What’s your background in design? I have no formal background. I like seeing what’s in my head come to life so I dabble in design when I have free time. What’s next? I will be returning to school this fall to complete my last semester of undergrad. What’s your dream job? My dream job is to be a public servant. I haven’t quite figured out which direction I want to take but I am considering city management. Also, I have this burning desire to open a Dippin’ Dots franchise in my hometown of Newnan, Georgia! Any tips for future “wanderers” and CISabroad study abroad/ intern students? Immerse yourself in the native culture!