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Consulting Services Summer Rejuvenation Grants

We are excited to announce that we will be awarding four offices with a 2023 Summer Rejuvenation Grant.

Travel has returned and students are studying abroad again in record numbers. While we are excited to see our industry back online, this shift may come with a level of stress as teams manage these students in a post-pandemic world. For almost 20 years, CIS Abroad’s Consulting Services team has assisted U.S. study abroad offices that feel overwhelmed, busy, or inefficient. Our team can introduce tools and resources to get your office rejuvenated and excited again!

What's covered in the Summer Rejuvenation Grant?

The CIS Abroad Consulting Services Team will spend 1.5 days on your campus leading a series of four workshops. Team members will earn Professional Development Badges. The value of the grant is $5,000. 

Included Workshops 

Effective Teams
Learn how to identify common dysfunctions of a team. Discover what it means to have psychological safety, as well as the key attributes of successful teams.

Core Customer
By analyzing your insights & data we’ll begin to paint a picture of what types of students you are currently attracting and enrolling.

Examining this process with a student perspective, we’ll explore ways to better advise and support students throughout their entire journey.

Program Portfolio Review
Determine best fit programs based on your core customer. Look for programming gaps or redundancies as well as quick wins that can make a big impact.

Application Information & Details 

Apply Here by April 7th. Recipients will be notified by April 30th. Projects must be completed between June 1st - December 31st, 2023. Learn more about CIS Abroad's Consulting Services. 


"My provost immediately noticed a state of renewed energy in me and my office. After a few years on campus I finally feel like we have a clear plan!" 
Tynelle Stewart, Assistant Dean and Director of Education Abroad, University of Rochester

“This was one of the most productive retreats I’ve participated in! I feel like we have the tools we need to help us accomplish our goals.” 
Erin Jorgensen, Director of Communications, University of Missouri