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Q&A Spotlight With New Employee - Martina!

Meet Martina, our Assistant Site Director in Florence, Italy!

Enjoying life in BrazilMartina enjoying tubing in Brazil.

Why are you excited to work for CIS Abroad?

My dream? To work in the world of abroad experiences… This is what I’m doing thanks to CIS Abroad! I’m Assistant Site Director in Florence and I couldn’t be happier about my job. Sometimes it can be stressful to be responsible for so many young people's programs but it is worth it: the students pay you back with love when you teach them how to get the most out of a lifetime experience like this!

Describe a memorable moment from abroad

I will never forget the day I left Brazil when I finished my first experience abroad. 
All my friends surprised me when I arrived at the airport. They wanted to say the last goodbye and give me presents and letters they had written for me. Also, my capoeira mates were there, doing a “roda de capoeira” for me, singing and dancing. I cried the soul out of my body, it was one of the most touching moments of my life.

Posing in StonehengePosing in Stonehenge.

What has your career path looked like? How did you end up in the field of International Education?

After my experiences abroad I understood the importance of traveling, especially for young people: it can really be life-changing. On the other hand, I met many people who didn’t know the world of abroad experiences at all, they were misled by stereotypes and were seeing traveling just as something really useful. I was confused by this misinformation, I just wanted to show everyone the “truth”. As soon as I realized that, I knew my future needed to be related to international education or international experiences. Thanks to my 3 experiences abroad and to my degree in international studies I was on a good path to work in the field of my dreams. 

A typical weekend for me is…

Every weekend is different from another! Sometimes I just want to stay home, chilling and watching movies/tv series. Sometimes I love to go out and have fun with my friends (must have: aperitivo!)

5 words that describe yourself

Caring, Outgoing, Dreamer, Thoughtful, Critic

Traveling in MoroccoTraveling in Morocco.

Travel Tip: 

Every experience abroad has the potential to be a good experience. But “good” doesn't mean “easy”: you have to create realistic expectations about traveling, which is not at all what they show on social media. Every experience is full of challenges, more or less difficult, and without a little courage you will never get out of your comfort zone.

Why should a student choose to study abroad in Italy?

Not to be parochial, but after all my travels I still consider Italy to be the most beautiful country in the world. Italy has everything: culture, mountains, hills, history, crystal clear sea, good food, music, and magnificent cities. Italy is an experience with the five senses.

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