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LIVE from Italy - Reconnecting with Students & Travel

Travel with Scott Tayloe, Chief Strategy Officer, CIS Abroad, as he travels to welcome our students to Italy, January 12th - 22nd, 2022. 


It's been 2 years since I returned from my last work trip abroad. Returning from Sydney in January of 2020 I put all of my international gear back in its place in the closet, fully prepared to open it back up in a matter of months. It’s been 2 years, still sitting in the closet, and here I am. It's time to dust off the suitcases and head to Italy!

We obviously all know the excitement of traveling abroad. I remember that feeling as a study abroad student departing on my first big journey overseas and let's be real, it's a main reason I love this job. I yearn for cross-cultural interactions, love putting stamps in my passport, and love this field of international education that makes a difference in the world.

A lovely selfie of CIS Abroads Chief Strategy Officer, masked in the airport getting ready to board his flight to Italy

At The Airport

As I checked in for my flight today I felt totally prepared. I had been a good student, reading up on all the regulations and restrictions. Some of which are changing faster than the stock market. So when checking in for my flight, I felt confident all was set. Unfortunately, the confidence for the airline representative was not there. She was confident I only needed my vaccine card. I kindly informed her I was quite sure she needed my negative PCR test results. She researched, agreed, and looked over the copy. She was confident I now only needed my vaccine card and negative PCR test. I kindly informed her I was quite sure she also needed the QR code from my Italy online locator form. She researched, agreed, and looked over that to confirm I in fact had the QR code.

She was now confident; I was all set. I kindly informed her she needed my blood type and favorite color as well. We both laughed and smiled, both of which even behind a mask we could feel. My first cross-cultural interaction was happening and I hadn't even left Florida. 

Successfully all checked-in, I got through security and went straight to where I would always go back in the good ole days, to the Sky Club. Walking in it felt great to be back. Walking out after I was denied entry for losing my Platinum Status....not so great. And now, I wait for boarding. 

My name is Scott. I wear many hats. Chief Strategy Officer at CIS Abroad, dad, husband. All titles I'm proud of, but one I'm proud to be this week is an International Educator, and with that, Italy here I come.