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Virtual Global Internship Outcomes & Assessment Data

In summer 2020, CIS Abroad launched its Virtual Global Internship program. Since then, we’ve been providing students with remote yet immersive, hands-on work experiences informed by our learning outcomes. Using the NACE Career Readiness Competencies as a framework, students are guided toward achieving personal, professional, and cultural learning outcomes through:

  • A self-reflective placement process
  • Pre-program coaching
  • A mentored remote work placement
  • Online course modules
  • A synchronous, facilitated career development seminar; and
    Cultural debrief sessions with in-country staff

And the learning is real.

We asked students to indicate how likely they would be to agree with a series of statements, which reflected our learning outcomes, as a result of their comprehensive remote internship experience. Here’s an excerpt of the results:

5 = strongly agree, 1 = strongly disagree


  • 4.6 – I am more readily able to adapt to new and different situations and environments
  • 4.5 – I am more able to cope effectively with ambiguous and unfamiliar situations
  • 4.5 – I am more likely to seek out diverse, challenging experiences


  • 4.8 – I was able to readily adapt to the virtual environment of my internship
  • 4.5 – I have a better sense of my intended career goals
  • 4.5 – I am more confident about my ability to work in a cross-cultural setting
  • 4.4 – My ability to communicate across cultural and/or language differences has improved


  • 4.6 – I have developed a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures
  • 4.5 – I am more open-minded toward other cultures
  • 4.5 – I can explain how my own values, beliefs, and culture influence my interactions with others
  • 4.7 – Overall I found my internship experience with CIS Abroad and my program to be personally rewarding

While numbers provide a snapshot of the learning that transpired, students’ own words provide a deeper understanding of their experiences. Here’s on example:

“I have had the chance to write reports and emails, talk on phone calls, and gave several 30 minute presentations completely in Spanish. I have loved the chance to practice my language skills, and I have gained a perspective on how intimidating and challenging it can be to work in a second language… I also feel much more confident in my ability to communicate effectively in Spanish” – Biomedical Engineering Project Design Intern

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A comprehensive list of our Virtual Global Internship Learning Outcomes is also available on our website. If you would like to take a look at the complete VGI Learning Outcomes and Satisfaction Report for a specific term, please send a note to Jennifer Engel, Ph.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs, at