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What is a Customized Internship Abroad?

How do customized internship programs work?

CIS Abroad offers customized internships, which means each internship is found by the CIS Abroad Placement Team to meet the particular needs and interests of each applicant. As you may guess, it can be challenging to find work abroad on your own, so going through us makes finding an internship abroad much easier, either on site or virtual, with a guarantee that the internship is a quality experience. You’ll be a team player who is contributing to the success of a company or organization, with tangible outcomes you can showcase to future employers.

Which internship program should I apply to?

We have connections all over the world and can find customized internships in 16 cities around the globe. However, based on our international network, we've learned some locations are better suited to certain fields than others. To make things easier, we’ve narrowed down our placement options into 21 career fields.

As you browse programs, keep in mind that you’ll see sample internships on many of our intern program pages on the website. These are internship placements that our students have had in the past (and may be available again), but are meant to act as a guide for you in choosing your best internship location. Your internship will be found specifically for you! 

See the best locations and past placements for each of our 21 career fields:

Don’t see your major listed as one of the fields? Don’t worry! Think about the eventual job you want to secure after graduating and which of our 21 fields that job might fit into. For example, a Psychology major might be interested in an internship in the Health field, Social Work, or even NGOs & Non-Profit.

How does the application process work?

In the U.S., you’re probably used to having to apply to multiple internships, each with their own job posting that outlines eligibility requirements, duties, and more. With us, you’re submitting one application to your ideal internship location and then we do the work of finding a customized internship for you.

Once you apply and submit your $90 application deposit, we'll start the “matchmaking” process. You’ll need to submit application pieces like your resume and references to our comprehensive online portal and complete an intake interview with our team. Don’t worry - our interviews are nothing to be nervous about! We’re here to help understand your goals and skills.

We also want to know if you have any requirements for the internship before we start looking for placements for you. Have a minimum number of contact hours you need the internship to be in order to fulfill a major requirement? Need us to sign off on internship paperwork for your U.S. university? No problem! Make sure you communicate these needs with us as early as possible.

Once you complete all the application requirements, you’ll receive your acceptance. What does that mean? It means we guarantee we’ll be able to find you an awesome custom internship in your desired field and location. YAY! 

Check out the program page on our website to see the inclusions that apply to your program. 

If you are traveling with us, your program fee includes international health insurance, airport pickup, housing, excursions, and check-ins with our Site Director to ensure your internship is going well. If you’re attending one of our internship programs virtually, you will be given access to a variety of online resources, academic framework and additional support - all meant to set you up for success.

What about customized virtual internships abroad?

CIS Abroad has developed virtual internships for students who still want international work experience, regardless of what the future of travel holds. Just like our internships abroad, we’ll find your virtual internship based on your specific needs and goals. With a virtual internship, interns work on projects for an international organization or company from your home base in the U.S. while adding a global perspective to your professional work experience. 

Our virtual internship program also includes a series of online professional development modules to help you maximize your professional skillset and reflection, as well as virtual cultural activities to help you feel connected to your colleagues abroad even if you're not traveling there. 

Who can intern?

The beauty of customized internships means nearly anyone can apply! This includes freshmen who might have little to no professional experience, recent grads who are looking for a stepping stone to their career goals, and even students who have time in their college careers to intern for a full semester...or even an academic year!

When will I know my internship details?

This time frame varies, but typically you'll know your placement 4 weeks before traveling on site or 1-2 weeks before your virtual internship begins.

When I complete the customized internship, can I list my internship company/organization? Or do I list CIS Abroad?

Yes, you can (and should!) use the name of the company/organization of your internship on any future resumes or when speaking about the experience. Our job is to work behind the scenes to find you an awesome, unique internship with support before, during, and after.

Want to learn more?

Realistically, you have more questions. Great! You can text our advisors at 877-617-9090 to learn more about what kind of internship is the right fit for you and your future career goals. If you're ready to take the next step, submit a quick, initial application.