Let Them Have... Croissants? | Student Foodie Blog from Spain

At first during my semester in Barcelona, everything felt new: the city, the people, the ways to get around, the FOOD. After time, you adjust to a lot of pieces in a life abroad. This is so healthy in one way, because creating routines really makes you feel like you are more than a tourist.

However, routine can also take some of the excitement out of a new place. That’s why the food abroad is an essential part of the experience. New food can make any day feel exciting and adventurous.

In Spain, one of the sweetest surprises I had was that there's always a restaurant within walking distance. There are 10 on every street, and most likely they're all local. This opportunity to broaden my horizons and tastebuds will be gone when I go home, so I'm soaking up every minute of it.

Food breaks the mold of routine because there's always something new to try! In Barcelona, I have tried many local dishes (and some not local ones). Here's my foodie blog from Spain. 

Food I've loved!

1. Vietnamese Food in Spain

foodie blog from spain

The other night, my gluten-free roommate convinced me to go to a Vietnamese restaurant. A Vietnamese restaurant where the menu is in Spanish is not something I have ever tried before, but it was so good! I’m not even sure everything that was in my meal, but this is what I signed up for. I signed up to be brave and adventurous and, in turn, find new foods I actually love.

2. Pan Con Tomate

foodie blog from spain

There are more simple dishes such as pan con tomate, which is toasted bread with garlic, tomato, salt, and oil on it.

3. Calcots

foodie blog from spain

Then there are the very adventurous dishes! For instance, Calcots, which are specially grown long onions that are charred (and you get the experience of peeling them yourself).

4. Sweets

foodie blog from spain

I don’t know how I'll ever eat a croissant in America again! I'm spoiled with the sweets and bread here around every corner. My body is begging me to stop, but my mouth can never turn down a croissant. I could probably write 500 words just on the bakeries in Barcelona, but I think you should just visit and see for yourself.

Food I haven't liked as much:

foodie blog from spain

Some dishes I have not liked as much include blood sausage (as scary as it sounds), for example, is a common dish here that I wouldn't be upset if I never had again. That’s just life!

Moral of the Story:

foodie blog from spain

Learning what you do and don't like is part of the bigger picture of studying abroad! Food is a daily chance to step out of what you know and take a leap of faith. Food is a reminder of culture and tradition that varies from place to place. Food is what will break the routine that you might find yourself in - it's an awesome thing!


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