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7 Study Abroad Tips | Student Blog from Scotland

Here are 7 things I’ve learned during my first time studying abroad:

1. Don’t forget about your classes!!

Even though you’re in a new country and there are so many new things to do and see, your first priority has to be your classes!

In the distance is Dumyat hill, a famous hike in Scotland. We got a perfect view on Stirling campus when walking to and from class.

2. Do your homework BEFORE traveling on the weekends.

If you plan on going on a mini holiday over the weekend, do any papers/projects before you step on a plane and get in holiday mode. After a weekend spent away you’re going to want to sleep in the next morning.

Our CIS group (plus friends) explored Edinburgh on the one day they were experiencing a wild wind storm named Hector. What are the odds?

3. Do your research

When traveling make sure you research places before you go so you don’t waste time walking around wondering what to do.  The more time you spend deciding on where you want to go, the less time you actually have to explore! Look into Bus Tours and any buying tickets online beforehand!

Great way to make friends is buying tickets to see Demi Lovato and asking who wants to go! That’s how I became friends with Mallory and Ali!

4. Don’t eat out every meal

Don’t think you’re missing out if you don’t go out to the pubs with everyone every night. You’ll most likely have access to kitchens in your living situation, and half the abroad experience is going grocery shopping!

Nothing beats homemade fried rice at 10 o’clock at night when you had a three-hour grocery store experience

5. Use Uber sparingly

Don’t order an Uber if you don’t have international calling and can’t speak the language. If you do not have international calling find a place that can call a taxi for you. If a uber calls you and you can’t answer, you’re going to end up with either a canceled uber or an angry uber driver!

A night full of dancing and laughing. Here was when they played “Come On Eileen” and we couldn’t resist a kick line for the chorus!

6. Learn the local language – or some of it

Learn basic terms of the language for the country you’re visiting. It can go a long way if you show the locals that you’re trying to communicate with them in their language.

University of Stirling put together a small Highland games for us international students! Ali and I didn’t actually participate, but we did cheer everyone on and borrow two peoples kilts to get a photo!

7. It’s okay to stay home

Don’t think you need to travel internationally every weekend. This is a big one that I learned toward the end. Make sure you make time to explore the surrounding area of your school- you want to get the most of the area you’re living in.

For all the Harry Potter fans you understand my excitement in this photo, but for those that are not Potterheads, this is the famous bridge we see in the Harry Potter movies! It’s just a couple hours from Stirling.

For all the Outlander and Game of Thrones fans, Doune Castle is a filming location in the shows and it’s located 20 minutes away from my University!

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