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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started my Virtual Internship

In my blog "Online Doesn't Mean Out of Touch", I mention that this was my first internship EVER and I had no idea what to expect. So here's a few things I wish I knew before I began to work.

1. Time Zones

Interning for a company in Ecuador while I’m in the US, I needed to be aware of the time in my host country when contacting my supervisor as well as being clear on meeting times.

2. You Need to be Flexible!

You need to be flexible sometimes! Because of #1, there were times where I was unable
to meet with my supervisor at my usual times. So, I was able to meet with him when he
was free, even if that meant having a meeting with a fellow intern working on a different

3. Prepare to Work Individually

A lot of the work is individual. While my supervisor, Diego, did give me certain tasks and
assignments, I wasn’t given much instruction on how to do them. I had to really think for
myself and work to the best of my abilities.

4. Your Supervisor is Your Friend!

While my supervisor is essentially my boss, I realized that he was also there to guide me. He didn't get irritated when I contacted him for help and he gave genuine feedback on my work so I could improve.

5. Zoom Etiquette is Very Important

As I mentioned, there were a few other interns working on the artificial heart as well as more interns on the artificial heart as well as more interns working on another project. When there
were meetings with both groups, it was essential that people muted when they needed
to, shared work efficiently, and turned their camera on in order for the meeting to go smoothly.

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